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What happens in a hypnosis session?

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

There are many different hypnotists and hypnotherapists – and there are many different techniques used for various sessions. Once you have completed a thorough intake of your information, and are ready to begin, your session will follow this general guideline.


The hypnotist will review what your goals are, obstacles, etc. During this talk they will usually determine which technique or ‘induction’ would be best for you to experience.


This is the process by which your conscious mind relaxes and you enter into a hypnotic state. This can be done with eye focus exercises, guided visualization “walking down to the beach”, etc.


This is where any suggestions are made. Once you’re in a hypnotic state your subconscious mind is open to suggestions without having to reason. Many times suggestions are repeated several times.


Where you are directed out of the hypnotic state.

What will happen to me during a session?

100 different people can get 100 different answers.

Some feel heavy, some feel like they are floating.

Some remember everything the hypnotist says, some drift off and can’t remember any of it.

Some sessions guide you to have inner dialogue.

I’ve had clients tell me it’s like that stage just before you fall asleep if the tv is on – you can still hear it, but you’re drifting – similar to that

So there’s no set answer for exactly how your session will go. And your experience may or may not change from session to session. Once your subconscious mind knows the path to enter into a hypnotic state, it usually gets easier and easier with any follow up or when you practice at home.

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