It may seem overly simple, but having the chance to sit one-on-one with someone dedicated to listening to your experiences is the foundation of healing.

You deserve to be heard, and your perspective validated. 

We can then work together towards processing difficult feelings, changing maladaptive thoughts and behaviors, and achieving the goals you set for treatment.

Hypnosis has been proven as a powerful complement to individual therapy,

or group therapy sessions. It is utilized in sessions, and can be

taught for you to use as an at-home relaxation technique.

Hypnosis is a completely holistic technique has no negative side effects.

Check out my blog page for more information about hypnosis.

Group sessions offer several benefits, beginning with a

sense of commonality and feeling of belonging.

Members provide each other with feedback, the opportunity to learn through the experiences of others, and often new information and resources.

Groups can also be more a more cost-effective alternative

to individual therapy sessions.