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Self-pay rate: $150 per 60-minute session, $70 per additional 1/2 hour.

Insurance:  (note: insurance will not pay for more than a standard 60-minute session.)

I currently accept Aetna, Cigna, United Healthcare, Oxford, and Oscar insurance plans. 

Headway is the administrator for all insurance plan billing. 

I like to leave insurance to the experts, and focus my time

helping you reach your mental health goals.

I don’t like being surprised with unexpected charges, and you probably don’t either! 

Headway will verify co-pay amounts, but please make sure that, if applicable, any deductibles have been met in order for insurance to cover services provided. Clients are responsible to pay any applicable co-pays or amounts required to meet a deductible. 


There’s no cost for you to use Headway, and it’s simple to get set up with them: you just submit your insurance and payment information, and acknowledge their forms. Clients who do not complete the Headway set up will be charged as self-pay.


Please note that insurance companies do not pay for cancellations or no-shows. Clients who use insurance that cancel or no-show within 24 hours of their appointment time will be subject to a fee equal to a self-pay rate session. Specifics of the reschedule / cancellation / no-show policy are available on the Client / Therapist Agreement.

You can review the agreement from the intake form (tab above).

Employee Assistance Plans (EAP):

Headway accepts Optum Employee Assistance plans only. If using an EAP, please be sure to provide Headway with the authorization code provided by your employer.

Please note: United EAP coverage has a maximum session time of 45 minutes; the number of sessions is determined by your specific plan.

Out-of-network coverage:

Some insurance plans will cover out-of-network providers. In these cases, I will provide a receipt for services, which can be turned into your insurance company for reimbursement according to your specific plan.


Araven Therapy is not an in-network provider for Medicare or Medicaid; any supplemental insurance plans are subject to Medicare or Medicaid provider regulations.


Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

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